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Marcel Thee
‘Space Killer’ Lands in South Jakarta

An exhibition at That’s Life Coffee in Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta, explores the conscious mind, and its doppelganger, the subconscious.

Titled “Space Killer Vol. 1,” the show features the work of five artists: Dmaz Brodjonegoro, Lala Bohang, Eric Wiryanata, Arris Aprillo and Moreza.

Dmaz, Lala and Eric are from the artists collective The Dancing Animal, while the other two artists are from Studio Mili.

Lala’s carefully rendered images veer in the direction of fashion illustration.

“Black Night Gown,” sketched with a Japanese ink pen, portrays a woman wearing a ball gown, while “Classy Black” shows a starlet with full dark lips, wearing a backless dress.

Lala said she was proudest of her drawing of two autistic friends, Rama and Gendis.

“My picture of them, titled ‘Unlocked,’ is one of my favorite creations.”

She said that the Rama and Gendis picture “is based on my observations of the hypocritical love around me — either between personal acquaintances or in the media or greater society.”

“Unlocked” portrays the two friends with unlocked cell doors in their chests, out of which their hearts are bursting.

According to Lala, the drawing is intended to represent the honesty of the two friends, as well as their ties to one another.

Moreza’s Chinese ink drawings are of endearing characters in animal costumes. The character themselves are influenced by the Chibi style in Japanese comics, which uses cute characters with simplified facial features.

But it is Dmaz who adheres most closely to the theme of the exhibition.

His watercolor, titled “Because,” is of a naked couple locked in a passionate embrace.

The background of the picture is a blur of salmon pink and streaks of purple, which gives the impression the couple is functioning on the border between the subconscious and reality.

Dmaz explained: “I tend to mix a variety of styles, but I favor a dream-like and surrealistic feel to my artworks.”

Eric’s illustrations “Wolf and Crow” and “Robot and Guitar” are of anamorphic beings and robots playing musical instruments or simply posing.

He said, “My influences are comic book artists from Japan, America and Europe — both the well-known and the underground ones.”

Arris, who also owns That’s Life Coffee, cites the influence of American illustrators Terrance Lindall and Richard Corben in his work.

He draws from the detailed nature of Corben’s work and combines it with the grotesque stye of Lindall.

Eric said the show was about giving opportunities to artists who had not been widely exhibited.

Space Killer Vol. 1
Until May 24 10 a.m. -10 p.m.
That’s Life Coffee Jl. Gunawarman No. 24, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta
Tel. 0818 943324

Source : The Jakarta Globe


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